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Clavinova CSP 275 - Matte Black

$5,199.99 $6,299.99

The CSP (Clavinova Smart Pianist) is the most sophisticated and user oriented digital piano in existence today. The two features that distinguish the CSP 275 model from the CSP 255 model are the larger speakers and the solid wood keys. The genius developers at Apple and the Yamaha Piano Division collaborated to create an elite digital piano unlike any piano you’ve ever seen. The piano is unique because it only has one button. Every feature is accessed through your iPad using the same IOS functions we are all so familiar with. The number one feature of the CSP is it’s ability to take any song in your iTunes library, and turn it into sheet music as well as chord charts instantaneously! Add in hundreds of studio caliber voices, incredible background rhythms, recording capabilities, 2 world class piano samples, stream lights for beginners and Karaoke, and you have a piano the whole family can enjoy. Because it’s app driven, it’s the only digital piano guaranteed to never become obsolete. All you have to do is update the app and you have all the latest upgrades. If you're wondering if a CSP Clavinova is right for you, watch the two demo videos. There's nothing else like it on the market!

We are the largest exclusively Clavinova dealership in the country so we tend to get orders filled faster than other retailers. You won't find a better price advertised online, you'll have a worry free warranty for 10 years, and you'll receive excellent customer service, free express shipping, ongoing tech support and a bench. 


$5,199.99 $6,299.99