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NU1XA Hybrid

$7,799.99 $8,799.99

The New Yamaha AvantGrand NU1XA offers:

  • A true acoustic upright piano action that offers an authentic and responsive playing experience.
  • New and proprietary Articulation Sensors for the keys and hammers that capture every nuance of every note played.
  • Binaural sampling technology for an immersive and dynamic sound through headphones.
  • Spatial Acoustic Sampling with VRM (virtual resonance modeling) and Grand Expression designed to reproduce the tone, presence and intricacies of an acoustic grand piano.
  • A chambered sound system with Grand Acoustic Imaging that provides a rich an expressive auditory experience that can be heard and felt.
  • Bluetooth MIDI and audio connectivity.
  • Available in Polished Ebony or Polished White finish.
$7,799.99 $8,799.99