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“Hey! Jon and Steve here with The Piano Guys! We're known for filming music videos in crazy places all over the world. We've helicoptered a piano onto a thousand-foot cliff, craned one onto the Great Wall of China, taken over Disney World’s Avatar Land, and put pianos on the beach, deep in the jungles and on top of ancient ruins. We created The Piano Guys Piano Store so we can now put pianos in the MOST EXCITING location of all.Your living room! 

Check out Jons first reaction to the latest technology and watch him take it for a spin!

What is Clavinova?

The Clavinova is a world class digital piano that flawlessly replicates of the touch and tone of an acoustic grand piano.

We use Clavinovas in our studio, in our homes and on the stage and we wanted every musician to have access to these incredible instruments at great prices. That's why we launched the first online store to exclusively carry Clavinova and hybrid products. Each purchase comes with an extended 10 year warranty, free express shipping, aggressive financing options and bonus items you can't find anywhere else. Right now you are a few clicks away from joining the TPG Clavinova family! Text us at 480-479-7701 , jump in a chat. or just add your dream piano to your cart and we'll take it from there!"


TPG Featured Collections

Clavinova CSP

The World’s Most Advanced Piano Teacher

Clavinova CSP

CSP stand for Clavinova Smart Pianist. Brilliant would be a better word for it. Every incredible feature is accessed and controlled through your iPad. No buttons to learn, no small lcd displays to navigate, no layers of sub menus to dive through. If you can operate your iPad, you can operate this piano. It’s loaded with learning features and recording studio caliber voices but the one function you will constantly use is the audio to score feature. You simply access your iTunes library, pick a song, and the piano will create instant sheet music and chord charts for that song. Now you can sit down and play right along with the Beatles, a Disney classic, contemporary worship songs or whatever the kids are listening to these days! You’ve got to see it to believe it. Watch the demo video below. 

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Clavinova CLP

The Ultimate Grand Piano Experience

Clavinova CLP

The 2022 CLP lineup offers 7 models between $2,000 - $8,000 including two grand piano models. The typical CLP buyer would include players, students and universities who are looking for premium sound and touch without having to pay for a lot of learning features. All models include the new GrandTouch-S action, 9 Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer samples, binaural headphone samples (sounds incredible when you have the headphones on), recording, multiple voices and built in rhythms. The result is a piano that replicates the feel and sound of the worlds best grand pianos down to the finest detail. As you move up in price, the sound systems get better, the action has more nuanced elements and the cabinetry looks more like an acoustic upright. 

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Clavinova CVP

Legendary performance enters a new era

The Flagship Yamaha CVP offers the most advanced technology the industry has ever seen. The result is a sound and touch that rivals some of the best acoustic pianos in the world. We offer a free one on one video tutorial to all new CVP buyers because there are so many applications for beginner or advanced players and we want you to be aware of the full range of possibilities . You’ll discover how to play along with virtual session musicians in any style from jazz to hip hop. If you like to sing, you can make to live audio recordings of your own voice and have karaoke sing along parties. If you want to explore other instruments, there are hundreds of studio caliber pianos, horns, guitars, strings, and drums you can play and incorporate into your own song writing. One of the coolest features is the CSP app. You can connect the CVP to your iPad and the CSP app will take any song from your iTunes library and create instant sheet music and chords.

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Blurring the line between acoustic and digital

Artists like Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Chick Corea exclusively perform and record on Yamaha grand pianos. Partly because the action of a Yamaha grand is so consistent, so lightening fast, so responsive that it does most of the work for you. The concept of a hybrid is simple, they took the acoustic action that made their grand pianos famous, and installed it in a deep upright cabinet without strings. Instead of strings and a soundboard, the sound you hear is a 9’ Yamaha CFX grand (A $200,000 instrument) coming through an incredibly powerful sound system. This allows you to control the volume, play silently through headphones and gives you a pure sound that never needs to be tuned. The upside of a hybrid is that it offers the best of both worlds in an instrument that’s only a fraction of the size and cost of a grand piano. The feel of the N1X is 100% acoustic. The sound is 100% concert grand. Most people are shocked when they play their first notes on the N1X. It’s. That. Good. 

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Clavinova CLP 765 Grand Piano - Ebony Polish Clavinova CLP 765 Grand Piano - Ebony Polish

Clavinova CLP 765 Grand Piano - Ebony Polish



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Clavinova CVP 805 - Matte Black

Clavinova CVP 805 - Matte Black



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Clavinova CLP 735 - Polished Ebony Clavinova CLP 735 - Polished Ebony

Clavinova CLP 735 - Polished Ebony



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