Clavinova CSP

The World’s Most Advanced Piano Teacher


CSP stand for Clavinova Smart Pianist. Brilliant would be a better word for it. Every incredible feature is accessed and controlled through your iPad. No buttons to learn, no small lcd displays to navigate, no layers of sub menus to dive through. If you can operate your iPad, you can operate this piano. It’s loaded with learning features and recording studio caliber voices but the one function you will constantly use is the audio to score feature. You simply access your iTunes library, pick a song, and the piano will create instant sheet music and chord charts for that song. Now you can sit down and play right along with the Beatles, a Disney classic, contemporary worship songs or whatever the kids are listening to these days!

Clavinova CSP Lineup CSP 150 - Matte Black
On sale CSP 150 - Ebony Polish
On sale CSP 170 - Matte Black
On sale CSP 170 - Ebony Polish
On sale