AvantGrand Hybrid

Blurring the line between acoustic and digital


Artists like Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Chick Corea exclusively perform and record on Yamaha grand pianos. Partly because the action of a Yamaha grand is so consistent, so lightening fast, so responsive that it does most of the work for you. The concept of a hybrid is simple, they took the acoustic action that made their grand pianos famous, and installed it in a deep upright cabinet without strings. Instead of strings and a soundboard, the sound you hear is a 9’ Yamaha CFX grand (A $200,000 instrument) coming through an incredibly powerful sound system. This allows you to control the volume, play silently through headphones and gives you a pure sound that never needs to be tuned. The upside of a hybrid is that it offers the best of both worlds in an instrument that’s only a fraction of the size and cost of a grand piano. The feel of the N1X is 100% acoustic. The sound is 100% concert grand. Most people are shocked when they play their first notes on the N1X. It’s. That. Good.

AvantGrand Hybrid Lineup

NU1XA HybridNU1XA Hybrid
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NU1XA Hybrid

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NU1X Hybrid - White PolishNU1X Hybrid - White Polish
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NU1X Hybrid - White Polish

$7,999.99 $8,899.99
N1X Grand Piano Hybrid - Ebony PolishN1X Grand Piano Hybrid - Ebony Polish
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