Which is better? CLP 725 vs CLP 735

The CLP 725 is the best sounding digital piano under $2,000 but for most buyers, the Yamaha CLP 735 is worth the bump in price. Here are a few reasons. 

The CLP 735 cabinet looks better, it's sturdier and will last longer. It also comes in 3 additional finishes. 

The CLP 735 have upgraded speakers which give you a richness of sound and dynamic range you won't find on the CLP 725

The CLP 735 has an LCD screen which makes the piano much easier to use. ON the 725, you have to hold down a function button and a corresponding key on the piano to change sounds, metronome speed, etc.

 The CLP 735 has a lot more features. It comes with a 16 track recorder so you can record and play back your own music. You can also record and practice each hand separately so you can learn the treble and bass clefs independently. 

The CLP 735 has background rhythms in many different styles. If you get bored with your metronome, you can play along with a bass player and drummer who will follow the chords you are playing. This will give you a good sense of what it feels like to play with other musicians and help you keep time. 

The CLP 735 has better connectivity to external devices and apps. 

The CLP 735 is a piano you won't outgrow as the players in your home become more advanced. 

There are a few other reasons to upgrade but these are the main highlights. 

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