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Clavinova CVP 809 - White

$14,199.99 $15,999.99
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NEW SALE PRICE- LIQUIDATING ALL CVP 800's. PRICE JUST DROPPED FROM $14,199 to $9999! While supplies last. Call or text 480-479-9901 now to put your name on one! 

When Yamaha announced the new CVP 900 series was replacing the CVP 800 series, we got our hands on a prototype to see if the new features justified the steep price increases. From a features standpoint they are nearly identical. The sound and touch improvements are hardly noticeable and very marginal so purchased as many CVP 800's that we could fit in our warehouse. Particularly the 809 grand piano model. Many of our high profile buyers (including our own Jon Schmidt) actually prefer the 809GP to acoustic grand pianos under 6'1" ($40K). We have put together packages on the 800 series that include a one on one tutorial with Craig Knudsen who is the worlds top CVP trainer (and the guy from all the demo videos). He'll show you things in an hour that would take you months to learn using the manual. We'd also highly recommend calling us at 480-479-7701 to discuss the terms on the 809GP. The offer is good while inventory lasts. Buy your dream piano today! 

Color: White
$14,199.99 $15,999.99
1 in stock

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Thank you for choosing The Piano Guys official piano store. If you’ve seen our videos, you know that our mission has always been to showcase the piano in as many ways as possible to encourage people everywhere to play it. In “concert” with this mission, we launched this store to give everyone the opportunity to play an instrument that sounds and feels like a world class concert grand piano.

But what if you don’t have the space for it?

The money for it? And the thought of moving it, babying it and constantly tuning it overwhelms you? Our Clavinova pianos are the answer. Just imagine -- combine cutting edge technology, practice-motivating features and the best digital sampling on the market, and you will own the most advanced, most sublime sounding piano money can buy. Call 1-877-710-2528 right now and our expert team will walk you through a no-pressure discovery to help you choose which piano is best for your needs.

We hope you feel we’re a name you can trust -- a name with the experience and passion necessary to pair you with the best piano for your needs. In addition, we include things with your piano that NO OTHER store offers:

  • FREE personalized product support from our TPG team of experts
    (just in case you can’t remember where the karaoke button is!)
  • FREE piano bench (what good is a piano if there’s nowhere to
    park your posture?)
  • FREE signature TPG bundles (some super cool surprises we’ll
    be including with your piano)
  • 8 years warranty (we’re confident you won’t need it, but it’s yours
    if you do. Pedals to lid. Parts AND labor -- we’ve got you covered.)
  • Call 1-877-710-2528 and we'll help you find your dream piano!
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