New Clavinova Models! CLP 735 VS CLP 745 Buyers Guide


People have been waiting for years for Yamaha to release the new CLP 700 series and they are finally here! The cutting-edge technology is amazing and these new models are the closest anyone has ever come to perfectly replicating the nuances of grand piano touch and tone in a single digital piano. As if that wasn’t enough, they have kept the pricing identical to the prior 600 series … for now.


Since the release of the new Clavinova CLP 700 series, the most common question we get from buyers who are looking to spend less than $3500 is, “Should I go with the CLP 735 or spend the extra $800 and step up to the CLP 745 model?” In this article, I won’t be covering a lot of the new technology but I will show you the differences between these two models and hopefully help you make the right purchase for your family. For a comprehensive look at the upgrades from the previous CLP 600 series, read Craig Knudsen’s post “CLP 600 vs CLP 700 series buyers guide. Serious innovation”


Whether you are looking at purchasing an acoustic or digital piano, the biggest question a consumer should ask is: “What is the best sound and touch I can get for the money?” The reason the CLP 735 and 745 are best-sellers is because they are half the price of a new upright but sound and feel better than most used uprights. Unlike acoustic pianos, you can place it in the noisiest room in your house and still be able to practice with headphones. You will also save hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the piano because they don’t require tuning, action regulating, or pedal adjustment. In contrast to an acoustic piano, which has 12,000 parts that are affected by the weather over time, the tuning and touch on a CLP Clavinova is constantly flawless.   


New CLP 735GP

CLP 735 Shown in white 


The base model CLP 735 starts at $2699 and comes in five trims. Matte Black, Dark Walnut, Rosewood, Ebony Polish and White. The premium Ebony Polish adds about $500 to the price. 


New CLP 745GP

CLP 745 shown in matte black

The CLP 745 starts at $3499 and also comes in all 5 finishes as well. Once again, the Premium Ebony polish adds about $500 to the price. 


The CLP 735 and 745 share many identical features. They both offer the updated Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer concert grand samples using methods such as Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) sampling, Grand Expression Modeling and Grand Acoustic Imaging to bring those sounds to life. They also both have the same number of voices (36) and rhythms (20), offer 16 track recording which can store up to 250 songs, and feature synthetic ebony and ivory key surfaces for ultimate traction. 

Aside from their similarities, there are three defining differences that give the 745 the advantage over the 735. 



Both the 735 and 745 have newly designed actions called “GrandTouch-S”. The graded hammer action in the CLP feels extremely realistic as each hammer is individually weighted from heavier bass hammers and getting lighter as you scale up to the treble hammers. The main difference between the 735 and 745 is that the 745 has natural hardwood keys. The solid wood keys create an even more authentic experience for players as you can feel the energy transmitted through the key giving the sensation of a hammer hitting a string. It just keeps you a little more connected to the piano. The more advanced your technique becomes over time, the more you will appreciate the wood key action. 


The caliber of speakers is another significant difference between these two instruments. Don’t get me wrong, the CLP 735 has plenty of power and range--but the added wattage in the amplifiers and additional speaker in the 745 takes it to the next level. The result is a greater dynamic range of expression. When you need to play large fortissimo chords followed by whisper-quiet pianissimo notes, the upgraded speakers in the 745 make every note sing out with vibrant clarity. It also means you don’t need to make as much of an effort to get the sound you want out of the piano.   


Closing out our rundown of the variances between the 735 and 745, this last feature we’re going to look at is Bluetooth connectivity, which is a standard feature on the CLP745 and offers two primary advantages. Firstly, whether it’s an educational app, a YouTube tutorial on your iPad, or a song you are trying to play along with on your phone, you can connect all of those devices without reaching for the adaptive cables and hardwiring into the piano. The second advantage is that you can turn your piano into the main sound system for your home. You can play everyday music through the piano while you're reading a book, sitting down to dinner or having a party. Very few people have speakers in their home that can rival the clarity of highs, mids and bass you get out of the CLP 745’s powerful sound system. 

An analogy I often use to describe the differences between these two models is to imagine you are at Best Buy looking at TV’s. You first notice the 50” HD TV (the CLP 735). It looks fantastic! Then you move down the line and see a 70” 4K TV (the CLP 745). They both look great and showcase the same images, but one is definitely sharper and clearer. 


You might be asking yourself, “Is it worth the $800’s to upgrade models if my kids are just starting out?” Let’s put it this way: this is a 20-30 year investment and your kids won’t always be beginners. Teachers will always advise you to buy the best piano you can afford up front, and whether it’s the CLP 735 or CLP 745, you won’t outgrow either of these pianos like you will a generic 88 note weighted keyboard in the lower price range. 


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